Handwriting with style

lassic Series

Stylish fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens or propelling pencils - the matching writing instrument for everyone.

My handwriting - a part of me

"Signature": This term stands for much more than just lines and strokes. Because our handwriting is an expression of our personality, it reflects our character. With it, we make very individual marks - in fact, no two handwritings are identical. This individual, unmistakable character is also communicated when we read: Because handwritten messages written with a fountain pen or ballpoint pen reflect not only their content but also our inner movements and feelings, they create a unique closeness. An emotional gift, therefore, for both the writer and the recipient, which should enrich us as often as possible.

Platinum the silvery-white precious metal adorns selected elements of the Classic series. Extremely resistant and insensitive to environmental influences, the platinum-plated writing instruments and accessories are reliable partners for daily work, note-taking and signing.

A finely fluted barrel made of expressively grained Macassar ebony is a characteristic feature of the Classic Macassar. The dark noble wood is extremely hard and therefore complex to work with. Natural differences in colour shade and structure make each writing instrument unique.

Writing and thinking belong together

Does handwriting also enrich the less emotional moments in life? Yes: even when it comes to conveying information and facts, we should definitely reach for the pen. Whether in a meeting or in the lecture hall: studies show that what is heard is better remembered when it is put down on paper with a fountain pen or ink roller - and not typed into a notebook. Because while we try to grasp as much as possible when typing quickly in a kind of shorthand mode, we have to set priorities when writing down by hand. In other words: we have to check beforehand what is important. Instead of going into overdrive, the brain switches to high performance from second one.

Characteristic of the Classic series is its barrel made of fluted, certified noble woods, such as reddish-brown pernambuco. The noble woods are extremely hard and resistant. Their individual grain, beautifully accentuated by the platinum-plated finishes, makes each pen unique.

The warm appearing surface, the unmistakable double knurling and hallmarking reveal to the connoisseur the value of this writing instrument made of precious solid 925 sterling silver. The handmade, bicoloured 18-carat gold nib with iridium tip is run in by hand.

The Classic Series as the ideal companion

"High-quality and exclusive writing instruments such as those offered by our Graf von Faber-Castell luxury writing instrument collection are in high demand. They meet a growing need for individual expression and, thanks to high aesthetics, are also ideal gift items. The handwritten greeting or thank-you card, the hand-lettered invitation card are gestures of special appreciation for the recipient - and set themselves apart from the flood of e-mails in our daily correspondences."

Charles Graf von Faber-Castell